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Welcome to Terrafirma Skills

We enable both individuals and teams to cultivate a culture of wellbeing through comprehensive first aid and mental health awareness training, immersive team-building experiences, and transformative leadership initiatives.

First Aid Training

   Join our First Aid Training for:


These courses meet The Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981 and are up to date with current UK Resuscitation Council protocols.

Accredited by the First Aid Industry Body, valid for 3 years, and delivered by highly experienced and personable trainers from military or emergency services backgrounds to ensure engaging, enjoyable training.


Mental Health Awareness

Enhance your mental health awareness with our training designed to help individuals recognize indicators of mental health issues and provide the necessary help.


 Improve knowledge and confidence around mental health, and facilitate access to support services, ultimately reducing stigma, promoting well-being, and fostering a thriving work environment.


Mental Health Awareness 1/2 Day Course:

  • Ideal for all staff seeking to boost their understanding of Mental Health for personal growth or to aid others.

Workplace Mental Health 1 Day Course:

  • Perfect for Line Managers and individuals aiming to enhance their comprehension of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador 2 Day Course:

  • Tailored for Line Managers, staff wellbeing overseers, and anyone keen on expanding their knowledge of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Team Building

Immerse your team in a soul-stirring experience that prompts contemplation, ignites empathy, and nurtures a profound sense of camaraderie, fostering deep connections and lasting unity among team members.

Nurturing a cohesive team is fundamental for achieving business objectives, demanding consistent investment to promote unity and synergy.


A well-integrated team enhances communication, problem-solving, and performance, contributing to a positive work culture and sustainable success for organizations prioritizing teamwork and collaboration.

Key Speaker

Leadership Initiatives

TerraFirma's leadership training initiative places a strong emphasis on employers' role in acknowledging and delivering crucial support to empower leaders in navigating complexity, leading organizational change, and excelling in the contemporary professional sphere.


By emphasizing the significance of employer support, our program equips leaders with the skills and strategies needed to confront challenges, drive innovation, and achieve peak performance in a competitive business environment characterized by rapid evolution and constant transformation.

Our Purpose

At TerraFirma we believe training and development is not just a tick box exercise or a quest for qualifications.


Our  mission is to revolutionize the learning landscape, infusing it with joy and meaning.


Whether it's learning vital first aid skills, understanding mental health awareness or team building we strive to make each experience a transformative journey woven with personal connections.

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Kind words from a few of our clients

We found the first aid course to be super fun and relaxed. The trainer was cool and supportive, making it easy for everyone to learn. The course content was full of practical tips and knowledge that has given the team confidence in dealing with an emergency.

Mike Bassey

Again a lovely day of training with Jim who delivered  a short, well-structured course to help us better understand and support anyone struggling  with their mental health. A great atmosphere to learn about and explore a subject close to many of our hearts.

Emma Holt

The team building workshop was an incredibly interesting and engaging experience in which everyone wanted to participate. The campfire theme added a unique touch making it a memorable and enjoyable day for us all. 

John Woodward

"Learn continually – there’s always one more thing to learn."

Steve Jobs

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